erAck is my programmer name, nick handle or whatever you call it.

The obvious part: E seems to be the first letter of my name, Eike. R again seems to be the first letter of my surname, Rathke. ACK is a positive acknowledge in computer terms. That's easy, isn't it? On the other hand it might stand for something like Eike RAthke Computer Konditionierung or Electronic Research And Computing Knowledge or maybe something completely different. It's a very useful handle, because if I grep "erAck" through some sources it will most certainly only find occurences of changes I have made and nobody else. Try that with "er" ... And of course erAck ends on ck like magick does. The capital A just makes it look nicer, more balanced, but of course that is not all there is to it. It's like a house with a roof, surrounded by preciously crafted letters. After all, you could write eRack and would get a completely different meaning, wouldn't you?

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